The Wheat-Free Kitchen

When you take the plunge and go wheat-free you will want to make life as simple as possible.

Cooking from scratch can be more time-consuming than you are used to; yet with the help of modern appliances preparing meals can be a cinch and not take much longer than opening a packet or box.

It is also a good idea to get your store cupboard stocked with some staple herbs and spices to add flavour to your dishes.


Food Processors are an essential time-saving element in the wheat-free kitchen. They will grate, slice, mix, juice and blend. They can be used in the making of soups, dips, paté, cakes, cookies, breads, sauces, vegi-burgers and sausages and orange juice. They can also be used to grind nuts into flours, which is especially helpful to the wheat-freetarian.



 A hand blender is useful for quickly blending soups, sauces and dips.




Hand mixers are great for whisking up eggs, mixing cakes and batters, and making creamy mash.




Slow cookers are a must for the busy wheat-freetarian. They can be happily cooking the evening meal whilst you are out at work or just going about a hectic day.  Not only are the great for cooking meat and chicken dishes but also vegetarian. And being economical to run makes sense to have in the kitchen.


Appliance Tip:   When using time-saving kitchen appliances it is always best to wash them straight away. Not all appliances are dishwasher friendly and if food is left to dry on them, it will take at least 4 times longer to clean them when you eventually get round to doing it.

Store Cupboard Basics

Having a well stocked store cupboard will make life in the kitchen so much easier. Having dried or tinned food on hand means you won’t have to be nipping to the shops when preparing recipes that require certain foods. And they are also more cost-effective to buy.

Dried herbs and spices can easily be swapped for fresh. It should be noted that you will need less of dried herbs as you would fresh.

Tinned foods, although not always as healthy as fresh, will substitute well in many recipes. Tinned fruit, fish and pulses are especially handy in many recipes here at Wheat Free Wonder.

It is also a good idea to have a clear out of your cupboards to see what tins, herbs and condiments you may already have tucked away in the darkened corners. There is no point wasting money. It is surprising how often we will buy herbs and spices and forget we had them.

Wheat and Gluten-Free Store Cupboard Staples:

Greaseproof paper

Worcestershire sauce

Tomato ketchup and puree

Tinned tomatoes and passata

Pulses: tinned and dried

Pasta: wheat/gluten or grain free

Rice: brown, basmati

Oils: olive, sesame, rapeseed

Unrefined sea-salt

Black peppercorns

Sugars: unrefined, honey, agave nectar and molasses or treacle

Soy sauce: gluten-free

Sweet-chilli dipping

Flours: almond meal (or ground almonds), chestnut, plain white (gluten/wheat free), chickpea (gram or besam), potato starch, corn, brown rice


Baking powder and bicarbonate of soda




Chocolate and cocoa powder (70% cocoa solids is best but not essential)

Herbs and Spices

Dried chillies


Black peppercorns

Coriander (powder or seeds)

Cumin (powder or seeds)


Curry powder (med or hot)



Mixed herbs



Onion granules

Garlic (dried and fresh)

Please Note: Always read the labels before purchase! It is amazing where wheat and gluten is hidden. You will find it in even the most unsuspected items.