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Hello and welcome to my blog.

My name is Diane and I am a holistic-health, nutrition and fitness enthusiast, yoga scholar, author, blogger and a wheat-free lifestyle advocate.
I spent 25 years in the health and beauty industry and have an interest in all things ‘well-being’. I am passionate about researching and discovering all the ways food, exercise and holistic therapies can heal our body and mind. It is my belief we are what we eat and our food can either be a poison or our medicine.
Everything I write about here at wheatfreewonder.com I have researched and self-trialled.
My initial interest in all things ‘health’ began back in the nineties, when, in my mid-twenties, I found myself suffering with debilitating chronic fatigue, back pain, constant colds, ailments, illnesses and weight-gain. I have spent nearly twenty years making my own health-related discoveries (as well as doing lots of other things), which has brought me to where I am today.
I decided to start this blog when some very big changes happened to me after I gave up wheat. Those changes were so transformational that I felt it was important to spread the word about the benefits of going wheat-free, as well as sharing all the other incredible information, relating to health, beauty and fitness, I’ve learnt over the years.
My transformation and weight-loss since giving up wheat has been amazing… both inside and out! I feel so fantastic that I want you to witness this life changing experience for yourself!
Here are a few pictures of me in a pair of my jeans… Not so long ago these were tight ‘skinny’ jeans.


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I am not someone who got into my 40s and decided to get into shape, I had been on the ‘dieting treadmill’ for most of my adult life. It seemed I had only had to look at food to put on weight and it did not matter how much I exercised. I was walking around 5 miles and doing up to 2 hours of power-yoga a day… This made no difference to my waistline.
Previously, in my world, losing weight meant: starvation, living off vegetables and counting every morsel of food that passed my lips, feeling constantly hungry and far from happy…or to put it another way, a living hell!
The older I got, the less I found starvation diets worked (and when I say starvation I mean the standard calorie, point or fat counting diet that allots a certain amount of food/calories according to your weight, age and activity levels: around 1’200 to 1’500 cals a day). I was more than aware that if I lost weight through starvation it would come straight back on, plus more besides, the second I stepped off the ‘dieting wagon’. But that did not stop me from trying them. Sometimes my diet lasted months, sometimes weeks or days and yes, I’m ashamed to say, sometimes my diet lasted minutes. Whatever diet I tried, and believe me I tried them all, I could never stay on it long-term. They were simply unsustainable in the long run.
I got so anxious about ‘diets’ that mere mention of the word sent me off on a frenzied search of the biscuit tin, where I duly scoffed a whole pack of Jaffa cakes. I became more and more disheartened by the fact that after years of yo-yo dieting I still looked like I had just eaten my husband, my neighbour and his dog. Surely, there had to be another way…
I didn’t discover the ‘other way’ for a good while after ditching the diets. I had come to the conclusion that my ballooning weight was simply down to bad genetics and being over the age of 35. That is until October 2012, at the age of 42, I decided to give up wheat…
Within a couple of weeks of wheat-elimination I knew I was onto something. I was feeling good, better than I had in years, my skin looked better and the twinkle returned to my eyes. Also, I was losing weight without counting a calorie or feeling hungry…was this even possible…?
For the first 10 months, or more, of being wheat-free, I had made no other changes to the food I ate other than no longer having wheat: I was doing no more exercise, I was drinking just as much alcohol (although no lager), I was eating the same, if not many more calories than before, and I was losing weight. (I did, however, change the way I combined my meals and how I ate them. More on that later..) I could not believe how simple it was and wished I had heard about the fattening effects of wheat years earlier.
I have since made other changes to my diet after discovering I am intolerant to certain other grains and proteins. Which has also improved my health.
Throughout my entire adult life, losing weight meant deprivation, hunger and pain. Watching others eat delicious treats whilst my empty belly rumbled and growled. So I could not believe that I was losing weight without counting a calorie, feeling hungry or deprived!

‘Low calorie dieting simply puts you on a fast-track path to bad-health, low-moods and weight-gain!’

Like anyone who has had to starve themselves to get or stay slim will know, dieting is incredibly painful and depressing! Feeling constantly hungry and having no energy to enjoy life is no way to live. And, contrary to what most people think: the majority of overweight people are not gluttonous and greedy and do not overeat! They are probably just including wheat in their diet, whilst eating low-fat/calorie food.
I have done in-depth research on food, nutrition and wheat to find out exactly why wheat makes us overweight, ill and depressed…my findings are astounding!
The Reason Why You Gain Weight Is Not What You Think.
To get you started click here to find out how wheat is making you fat, here to find out why it is ageing you prematurely and click here  to find out how wheat has been genetically altered, causing dependence and depression.
Losing weight is not about how much you eat but what you eat and when it comes to weight-loss one size does not fit all. A healthy diet that works for one person will not always work for another!
I am driven to share all my findings on weight-loss and health with others. This life is far too short to waste feeling hungry, depressed, ill and overweight! It is time to regain your health and your life, starting now!

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