Why Salt is Essential to our Health

ISalt-(sea)_B130623t is common knowledge that due to over-farming and the extreme use of pesticides the soil, used to grow our fruit and veg, is not as mineral rich as it once was. Therefore,even with the healthiest of diets, our body is lacking essential minerals (electrolytes) which are vital to its proper functioning.

We can ill afford to be low in essential minerals, and for this reason it is advisable to supplement the diet with a high trace-mineral salt.

For most, the mere mention of salt sends notions of high blood pressure prancing through the mind. Yet the human body is made up of 0.4% sodium which, weight for weight, is equivalent to that of seawater.

Studies from Dr Michael H Alderman, chairman of the department of epidemiology at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine, has shown people on low-salt diets are more at risk to die from heart attacks and strokes than those with a higher salt intake.

We need salt to survive!

All salts are not created equal; at least not those stocked on the supermarkets. The only mineral rich salt suitable for safe human consumption is either rock or sea salt and they absolutely must be unrefined and organic.

Table Salt

Being as inexpensive as it is, the food industry loves table salt because it cheaply adds flavour and extends the shelf life of processed foods.

Table salt has been fired at 1500 degrees, to make it stable in most climates, before being processed and chemically cleaned. This process renders salt inorganic and impossible for the body to digest. The body cannot utilise table salt effectively and sees it as a toxin.

The reason we get so thirsty after consuming refined, salty foods is because the body is trying to contain the salt and prevent it from causing damage. The way it does this is by taking water out of healthy cells which it then uses to surround the salt. This leads to dehydration and water retention (the body is holding water but it is not able to utilise it). Excess water held within the tissue can lead to cellulite.

Organic, unrefined salt is crystalline in structure and is easily absorbed, because our blood has a crystalline structure.

Unrefined salt is packed with essential minerals vital for good health. These essential minerals are easily assimilated and work in harmony with the body.

sea saltMy personal favourite is Himalayan crystal rock salt which contains the full spectrum of 84 trace minerals and elements (regular table salt has only 4). You can safely add this to your food, or even allow a small particle of it to dissolve on the tongue before slowly drinking a pint of clean fresh water. The ensures you have optimal mineral levels whilst keeping the body well hydrated.

Dr Batmanghelidj’s recommendations for salt intake (on the assumption one does not eat lots of processed foods) is for every 5 pints of water, half a teaspoon of unrefined salt. If you consume a heavy diet of meats, high in salt, that number should be halved.

Another important reason to include unrefined salt in the diet is to neutralise acidity. An overly acidic body can be the precursor to disease, especially cancer. The body may become acidic from consuming too many processed foods and not consuming enough alkalising fruit and vegetables. Therefore, organic sodium is needed to neutralise acidity in the blood and regulate its alkalinity. A small amount of organic, unrefined salt is all that is needed to neutralise acidity within the blood.

When the blood is kept overly acidic, the body does what it can to get it out of this condition. In its quest to re-balance it leeches calcium out of the bones to neutralise the acid. If this happens regularly, it leads to brittle bones and osteoporosis. And, considering how many people have an overly acidic system, it will come as no surprise that osteoporosis has increased sevenfold since the 1960s.

By increasing your intake of water and salt, you will see a boost in your energy levels, especially first thing in the morning, when the brain cells need hydrating to get going. The difference within your skin will show soon after upping your intake. Your skin will be clearer and smoother and you will feel fresher, cleaner and more vibrant.

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