Tips to Cover Grey Hair between Salon Visits

When your hair starts to go grey, or if you are indeed a fully fledged silver-haired fox (y chick), bob hairstylefast hair growth becomes a seriously annoying problem,  when you colour your hair.

Those sneaky white hairs, we are trying to hide from the world, quickly push their way up like pesky little weeds and wave at us happily from the front row of our hairlines.

Having our roots done every 2 to 3 weeks is just not financially viable for most of us. And for those who colour their hair at home, doing regular root-touch-ups is not advisable because colour overlap can cause damage to the hair… so what do we do?

Here are some techniques that can help hide the grey until your next hair appointment:

Use Your Brow Bar

With high definition eyebrows being all the rage, every shop that sells make-up will also stock brow bars, which are normally a palette of 4 brow colours. You can use the palette (which looks just like eyeshadow ) to touch up your grey roots. Brow bars usually come with a small firm brush which is perfect for applying the powder. Just make sure you use the shade closest to you hair colour.

Water Down Old Mascara

Add a drop of water to your old mascara and use the brush as a magic wand to conceal the greys. Obviously you will have to do a colour match-up. Black mascara on the roots of light brown hair will just look silly.

Use a Colour Spray

Using coloured hairsprays such as Charles Worthingtons’s root concealer will tide you over until its time for your next appointment.




Colour Only the Grey Hair on Show

Just on your parting or around your hairline where your white hair is showing? Why not colour just that hair? It is quick to do and much easier than attempting to colour the whole head. The video below shows you how to colour your grey eyebrows with ‘Just for Men’, but you can also use this same technique to colour your tiny white hair regrowth. I would use a small firm eyebrow brush instead of a wand for accuracy. You only need a tiny amount of hair colour and Just for Men allows you to mix up just that. If unsure, ask your hairdresser for advice on colour.

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