Lose Weight, Look Great, Feel Amazing on The Low-Sugar, Colour-Coded Eating Plan

Going wheat-free, for most, can be the perfect catalyst for easy, permanent weight-loss!

However, as we are all created differently, what works for one does not always work for another. Some see rapid results from a wheat-free lifestyle, whilst others, not so. There are some who may even gain weight when going wheat-free. Generally, this only happens when wheat-foods such as bread and cakes are swapped for a ‘gluten-free processed replacements’, which are packed with sugar.

The following plan is for fat-loss.

It is more restricted than the four week wheat elimination challenge and is perfect for those who have found their weight-loss slowing down, or at a plateau after going wheat-free, or for those who want to shed pouches of fat from certain parts of the body, (belly, upper arms or thighs) without actually getting thinner anywhere else. It is also for anyone wanting to stop eating wheat for good or for anyone wanting to kick-start a happier, healthier life, that includes increased energy, less brain fog and an abundance of happiness.

Whoever you are, if you ready to transform your life either through weight-loss, increased energy, vitality, happiness and health (and in ways you probably cannot imagine right now) then this plan is for you!

Now is the perfect time to start a healthy way of eating! After the overindulgences of Christmas, and the January blues have passed us by, the body is more than ready to start a cleaner, healthier lifestyle.

To me, the second or third month of the year is a great time to kick-start a healthier regime. The nights are getting lighter and the first signs of spring are beginning to show… An ideal time for birthing the new you!

When you decide to get fit and healthy, lose weight and roll back the years, it takes commitment as well as preparation. The reason many fail when changing their diet is because they fail to prepare. That said, if every year you try but fail to stick to a healthier lifestyle, it could be down to varying factors; the most common being addiction and emotional attachment to certain foods. Foods such as wheat have an opiate-like effect (creating an addiction) on the brain and have the power to make us overeat. Another factor in failing to adhere to your chosen healthy-eating plan is not including enough essential healthy fats and nutrients into your diet. Dietary fat is not only essential to the human body, it is key to making us feel satiated. For the past thirty years the diet industry has promoted a low-fat diet as the best way for weight-loss, but all this served in doing was making us fat and permanently hungry with premature wrinkles! Eating a varied diet packed with essential nutrients and fats will not only keep us in tip-top health, it will stop us from having false hungers. If the body does not get the proper nutrients it needs to function optimally, it will send out hunger signals in order to get them, which can lead to binge-eating.

The following eating plan is highly nutritious and encourages you to eat a wide range of foods that include an array of nutrients and eliminates those trigger foods that keep you on the ‘dieting treadmill’, feeling old, sluggish with bouts of brain fog! You will be amazed at just how indulgently you can eat and lose weight at the same time on this plan.

It is a low-sugar plan. Low-sugar doesn’t just mean the awful white refined stuff (that has to be eliminated), it means foods that are high sugar-forming within the body. Excess sugar in the blood, that does not get used for energy, gets stored as fat (see this post to learn more). Surprisingly, many of these sugar-forming-foods are what we may have deemed healthy or suitable for a fat-loss plan.

Fast sugar-forming-foods (SFFs) create havoc within the body. They create dependency, mess up the release of hormones (insulin being the first), cause overeating and fake-hungers, they are prematurely ageing and mess with our moods and emotions. You only see how they were affecting you when you take them out of your diet. Some will be affected worse than others.

Excess sugar in the bloodstream will get turned into fat in the body, if not used. If you want to lose fat, lose the sugar-forming-foods from your diet.

For the duration of this fat-flush plan, SFFs are on the banned food list! (Scroll down to see what these foods are).  It has to be noted that fast sugar-forming-foods can be very addictive. Quite often you will not know just how addictive they are, until you remove them from your diet. However, once out of the system the addiction and desire for them very quickly subsides. For some it will take only a day or two, for others it may be longer. Depending how badly they affected you, will depend on how long you will be in withdrawal.

So what benefits will you see from eliminating these sugar-forming-foods? Fat loss from all the right places and not from the places you don’t want to lose it. Many will also see a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and see their skin texture improve drastically (See this post on why wheat and sugar is prematurely ageing), as well as many other amazing health benefits!

Reducing fast-sugar-forming foods from your diet will quickly have you feeling amazing and when you feel amazing you look amazing!

After the age of 35 it is not wise to lose weight too quickly. For one thing, the quicker the weight-loss (especially when lost through unsustainable fad diets) the quicker it generally returns and for another, fast weight-loss can lead to sagging skin! We’ve all seen the photos of peeps who have lost a lot of weight quickly, only to be left with saggy, overhanging skin on their belly, neck and arms. If we lose fat at a slower rate, our skin will adapt to the loss of support from underneath (fat supports the skin) and re-shape itself accordingly.

This is a very clean way of eating that removes all processed foods from your diet. It is for this reason you need to be prepared. Permanent change requires effort! And any kind of change always involves stepping out of your comfort zone! When changing eating habits, it is only a hassle until it becomes a habit. Spending 15 to 30 minutes extra in the kitchen each day on food preparation will be reimbursed to you by all the extra energy you get back following a low-sugar diet…not to mention all the other amazing health and beauty benefits.

The best way to stay prepared for a diet change is by having a food preparation day and a weekend day is always good for this. On preparation days you can bake your breads and muffins and prepare your veg, all for the freezer and plot out what you will eat everyday and then shop accordingly. Having a good supply of foods you can either grab and go or have to quell a mid-afternoon hunger pang is essential if you want to succeed on any eating plan… Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

To make things easy to remember I have colour coded foods into red, amber and green:

Foods that are Red are fast sugar-forming-foods and are to be avoided completely.

Foods that Amber should be eaten in moderation on the plan and always eaten with either fat or protein.

Foods marked Green can be enjoyed freely on the fat-loss plan (Overeating does no one any favours, so be mindful and listen to the body. When it is full, stop feeding it)

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© Diane Brown