A New Year A New You!

woman-fat-and-thin-e1345831209539Why not kick-start the New Year with a resolution to give up wheat… forever?!

By giving up wheat you will be taking the first step to greater health, happiness and longevity! You will also discover what the millions who have already given up the dreaded grain have gained by going wheat-free: weight-loss, age-reversal, increased energy, less brain-fog, increased vitality and more…

View the 4 week wheat elimination challenge here to see just how easy it is

If you have already tried and failed at giving up wheat it is probably safe to say you could be addicted to it without realising.

Most will cite inconvenience as the main reason not to go wheat-free (having to read food labels, not being able to eat processed and fast foods or eating different meals than the rest of the family etc.), yet it is more likely that they don’t believe they can happily live without wheat (this is a sign of addiction). I don’t know of many people who haven’t done at least one diet in their life which involved reading food labels or eating different meals than their family and being wheat-free is no more challenging than that. However, the longer you stay off wheat and see the changes for yourself, the more you will come to realise wheat should play no part in you or your family’s diet.

After 4 weeks of being wheat-free you will also find you are no longer addicted to it and the thought of never eating wheat again does not faze you in the slightest!

For some, wheat is more addictive than sugar and it has been scientifically proven to increase appetite. You will only see the full negative impact wheat had on your health, waistline and looks by giving it up 100%. Going 50 or 75% wheat-free is not enough, as you will gradually increase your intake. A heavy smoker or drinker may cut down, and feel better for it, but they will always gradually increase their intake to what it was.

If you use the reason of not wanting to lose weight as an excuse not to give up wheat, there is no need to worry; you can still get all the other amazing health benefits from being wheat-free without losing weight. You only lose weight from a wheat-free lifestyle if you have put on weight from having it in your diet. That said, just because you are not fat on the outside does not mean you are safe. Ever heard of TOFI? She’s thin on the outside, fat on the inside. This internal fat tends to be dangerously situated around the organs and not visible from the outside. It is the worst kind of fat and is linked to diabetes, insulin resistance, cholesterol issues and more… British scientists have found these TOFIs are often women (scarily, they are finding more children who are TOFIs too) and is caused by eating a diet high in sugar-forming foods such as wheat!

Start the 4 week wheat elimination challenge today!

If you are already a wheat-freetarian and have found weight-loss slow or you have come to a plateau, keep your eyes peeled. Within the next few days I will be posting my amazing, tried and tested fat-blasting plan, which will amp up fat-loss from all the right places (and not from the places, you don’t want it to go), whilst rolling back the years from the way you look and feel!

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