Give Up Wheat: Get Healthy, Happy & Slim

wheat2If you want to restore your health and happiness, and lose weight permanently… Give Up Wheat!

Those who have given up wheat (myself included) have seen incredible results! Easy, permanent, weight-loss, return of health and happiness being just a few!

The only time people don’t see amazing results from wheat elimination is when they continue to eat heavily processed foods or start eating gluten-free bread and cake replacements that are packed with sugar.

So, what is the problem with wheat? Well, for one thing wheat is a grass and humans are not supposed to eat grass. It is also grass that has been genetically altered.

The wheat consumed today is not the same as it was 40 years ago. It is a hybrid version that has contributed to global obesity. (Sugar is not the only problem!)

Mind Altering Food

Wheat has the power to alter your perception and natural instincts; not only affecting how much you eat, but what you eat.

Wheat switches off your dietary intuition, designed to protect you from choosing foods and substances damaging to health.

If you eat it then wheat is controlling you more than you could ever realise and not just in your dietary choices. It may play a part in other addictive behaviours and is strongly linked to controlling moods. Until you take it out of your diet completely, then and only then, will you see how it ruled your mind, moods and weight.

Scientifically Proved Negative Effects of Wheat

Dr Christine Zioudrou, at the National Institute for Health, recognised a disturbing pattern between wheat and mental health (1). She observed that, globally, those treating people with Schizophrenia noticed when their patients ate wheat foods they had hallucinations and heard voices. When wheat was taken out of their diets, the hallucinations stopped.

Dr Zioudrou questioned what it was in wheat that made Schizophrenics react the way they did. In her bid to find out, she took wheat proteins and put them through the process of digestion. She discovered when wheat was broken down, during the digestive process, it did so into many small proteins, or polypeptides. These small proteins, called exoporphins, had the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier (a normally impermeable sheath that covers the brain) and bind themselves to the opiate receptors. This created negative behavioural changes and had the same effect of narcotics but without the pleasurable high.

Another interesting discovery Dr Zioudrou made was that not only did the gliadin negatively affect the personality, it also increased the appetite.

The tests performed by Dr Ziodrou were initially done on mice and then on a group of human volunteers. During tests, volunteers were injected with the drug Nalaxone (an opiate blocking drug given to high, heroin addicts to automatically reverse the effects of heroin) and instructed to eat wheat foods. When they ate wheat, after having the drug administered, they consumed about seven hundred calories. When the same experiment was performed without the injection of Nalaxone, the volunteers consumed at least four hundred calories more!

Gliadin in wheat has been proven to not only change personality and behaviour, but also vastly increase appetite…

If you want to get and stay slim for life and lift your moods eliminate wheat completely today!

Take the 4 week wheat elimination challenge today

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(1) Opioid peptides derived from food proteins. The exorphins.

©Diane Brown