Why Eating Wheat is Prematurely Ageing!

Not only is wheat destructive to health, and the main contributor to the obesity epidemic, it also plays a huge part in premature ageing.

By including wheat in the diet, it can add 10 years, or more, to your physical appearance. We are not supposed to get wrinkles until in our fifties, however, they are appearing up to twenty years earlier. The high demand for Botox and collagen injections are proof of this (ooh, while I’m on the topic of ageing and collagen check out this post on the amazing anti-ageing benefits of lemon and water).

Collagen is the structural protein that holds the body together and gives skin its youthful springiness. Excessive amounts of sugar in the blood causes glucose molecules to attach to collagen and weaken its structure, which can makes the skin prematurely sag and wrinkle.  Wheat turns to sugar in the blood faster than any other food, even faster than white table sugar. This not only sends insulin levels soaring, which causes weight gain, but also rapidly increases ageing.

Premature ageing lies in a chemical process called glycation, which occurs when the levels of sugar in the blood rapidly increases. This process causes sticky brown compounds to form, known as Advanced Glycation End products, or AGEs. When this happens, the elastic fibres of our skin stiffen, creating premature lines and wrinkles.

Collagen is the building brick of the skin tissue, helping it stay firm, plump and youthful. As we age the body produces less collagen and this is why the skin gets wrinkled and saggy. However, when you include wheat in your diet collagen breaks down prematurely and your skin begins to appear old before its time.

Like white sugar, wheat breaks down collagen prematurely and makes skin less plump and elastic. (Don’t forget to read how lemon water can counteract this damage here .)

Those who have eliminated wheat from their diet notice their skin becomes smoother with a healthy glow and the sparkle returns to the eyes. This is further helped by getting rid of refined sugar… The good news is where wheat there will also be sugar, so just by eliminating wheat you also get rid of most sugar sources.

If you want to give up wheat, click here for the 4 week elimination challenge, and lose weight, look great and feel amazing!


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