10 Amazing Anti-Aging Benefits of Drinking Lemon and Water

lemon splashWe’ve all heard of the antibacterial and antiviral properties of lemons, and we know they are brilliant for helping treat colds and flu. However, there are many other amazing health benefits of the little yellow citrus fruits, not so commonly known.  Benefits of which can easily be attained by drinking water with freshly squeezed lemon daily.

Although great to drink throughout the day, the most beneficial time to drink lemon water is first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, where it both detoxifies and nourishes the cells of your body (if your stomach is sensitive add a little bicarb, which will neutralize the initial acidity). Simply squeeze a whole organic lemon into a pint of fresh water, drink and enjoy.

 1. Increased Collagen Production

As we age the production of collagen rapidly decreases. Lower collagen levels leads to wrinkles and sagging skin. The main function of Vitamin C is to make collagen in the body. If there is no, or very little, vitamin C in the diet collagen cannot be made. The high levels of vitamin C in lemons increase collagen production, which helps smooth and firm skin and prevents premature wrinkles. A lifelong lack of vitamin C is known to cause excessive wrinkles.

2. Prevent Weight-Gain

After the age of thirty five, staying slim and keeping weight off becomes a challenge; especially after a lifelong consumption of wheat and refined carbs. Carbohydrates produce the fat storing-hormone insulin and when eaten in excess, or not properly combined with fat or protein, will lead to weight-gain… this is where lemons can help. The citric acid in lemons slows down the absorption rate of carbohydrates, which prevents the blood sugar spike that leads to excess fat and weight-gain.

3. Prevention and Treatment of Thread Veins and Varicose Veins

The rutin and hesperidin found abundantly in the peel and membranous parts of lemons helps prevent and treat those fine red veins; which pop up around the cheeks and nose after being exposed to hot or cold temperatures and as a natural part of ageing process. Rutin has been shown to be highly effective in the treatment and prevention of varicose veins, another downside of the advancing years.


4. Maximises Enzyme Production in the Liver

After the age of 20, enzyme production reduces and continues to reduce by a third each decade. The liver can make more enzymes out of lemon than any other food, which amongst other things, assists in the absorption of fatty acids. Fatty acids are essential to our health and wellbeing and play a big part in keeping our skin and joints youthful. The better these fats are absorbed, the younger we look!

5. Provides Anti-Oxidants

Fresh water and lemon provides potent antioxidants that fight free radicals. Free radicals contribute greatly to the ageing process! If we do not supply our bodies with enough anti-oxidants we will age much quicker than we should.

6. Hydrating

Without adequate water, we would shrivel like a prune. By adding lemon to water, and aiming to drink 3 to 4 pints of it a day, we are not only hydrating our body, which gives us plump and juicy skin, but also providing electrolytes which are both healing and anti-ageing to the body.


7. Alkalising

Nothing will age the body faster than an overly acidic system. Our bodies become acidic by eating processed foods and drinks, alcohol, meat and dairy. An acid body is precursor to illness and osteoporosis. Lemons are highly alkalising and including them in your diet daily will go a long way to keeping your body in balance and youthful.

8. Prevent Age-Related Disease

Illnesses such as Alzeimers, Parkinsons and arthritis are becoming more prevalent and the age at which people are being diagnosed, is getting younger. The bioflavonoid and vitamin C in lemons have been shown to prevent or slow down these degenerative illnesses.

9. Energy Increasing

The nutrients found in lemon, combined with the hydrating effects of water vastly increases energy levels. The more energy the body has, the more it can use to keep itself healthy and youthful.

10. Boost Immune System, Reduce Depression and Stress

An overly taxed immune system ages the body; all the energy usually used for repairing and healing, is used fighting off infection and stress induced illness. The vitamin C, bioflavonoid and antioxidants found in lemons assist the body in dealing with the stresses and illnesses of modern life.

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