Tips to Keep Wheat Out of your Life For Good

Be Prepared:

When out and about, going to friends,  work or anywhere, take snacks in case you get hungry. Nuts are brilliant for this as they are both balanced (protein, carbohydrate and fat) and filling.Nuts

Bake and Freeze:

When baking breads or pizza bases always make more than needed so you can freeze for a later date.
Banana bread

Make Breadcrumbs:

When cooking from scratch, bread crumbs are always handy to have in the freezer for making fish cakes, sausages or burgers. Simply pop stale wheat-free bread into a food processor and blitz till bread becomes crumbs. Freeze in batches.

Always Read Labels:

Wheat tends to be hidden in many foods so it is essential to read the small print on labels. Click here to see where wheat could be hiding.

Dont Be Fooled Into Thinking a Little Bit Won’t Hurt:

It only takes a tiny amount of wheat to reignite the addiction and it only takes a tiny amount of wheat to create a negative bodily reaction. A slither of cake here or a biscuit there, may seem harmless but it will put you on a fast-tracked-path back to being a wheat-eater.

Keep Your Diet Varied:

Feeling bored or restricted by your diet can be a precursor to being tempted to snack on a wheat treat. By keeping your diet varied it will help you avoid temptation. Keep yourself inspired by trying out new recipes for meals and snacks.

Always Phone Ahead When Eating Out:Dine Out Vancouver 2013

There is nothing worse than getting to a restaurant to discover the only thing you can have is chips and a side salad. Many eating establishments now cater for special dietary requirements, but it is best to phone ahead to make sure. Many places will allow you to bring along your own bread, pasta or pizza bases if they do not offer a wheat/gluten-free option.

Keep Your Cupboards Well Stocked:

Always keep in a good stock of wheat-free cooking ingredients: eggs, seeds, ground almonds, wheat-free flours, unrefined sugar, pulses, herbs and spices, rice, wheat-free pasta etc, so you can easily whip up snacks, treats or meals out of what you have in.Spices, seasoning, herbs and vegetables






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