Health Benefits Of Kiwi

Good for:Golden KiwiKiwi, Australian

Immune system

Digestive system

Skin, hair and eyes

Vitamins: C, E and folate

Minerals: potassium and calcium

A national treasure from New Zealand, kiwi is one of the few fruits that has a green flesh when fully ripe, which comes from its high chlorophyll content.

With twice as much as oranges, kiwis are an outstanding source of vitamin C. They have more fibre than apples, which helps the digestive system and are a rich source of potassium, a mineral essential for proper nerve function.

Unlike many other fruits, kiwis keep their high vitamin C content long after being harvested, in fact, most of their vitamin C remains intact until their skin has been removed.

Kiwi fruitKiwis contain an enzyme, actinidin, which is an effective aid for digestion, especially to those who suffer with low stomach acid.

Their high fibre content makes kiwis an excellent laxative and beneficial for good bowel health.

High levels of vitamin E make kiwis a beauty aid and will help in giving us younger looking skin.

The actinidin in raw kiwi works as a meat tenderizer, it will also prevent gelatine from setting and for this reason should not be used in jellies.Kiwi

photos by: Benson Kua & J.M.F.84