Health Benefits of Bananas

BananasGood for:

Digestive system

Heart and circulation

Nervous system

Reproductive system

Vitamins: C, B6 and folateBananas (edited)

Minerals: potassium, iron and magnesium

Bananas are renowned for their high potassium levels as well as being rapid energy boosters, making them the ultimate healthy and delicious snack.

Sadly, bananas, like avocados, have been avoided by the die-hard calorie counters because their calorific value is higher than most other fruits; which is a shame because they are both filling and highly nutritious.

As an aid to lifting mood, bananas are a must-have. They are a good source of the amino acids which convert into serotonin and dopamine; the body’s natural feel good hormones, vital for keeping a stable emotional balance.

Their high potassium levels make bananas a friend of the nervous system, as potassium is essential to support proper nerve function and muscle contraction.

Banana TimeAn average sized banana contains about 1/4 of the body’s daily requirement of vitamin B6, which helps alleviate fatigue and is especially important after exercise or when energy levels are low. Being easily digested, bananas also work well as a pre-workout snack.

Bananas both prevent and treat constipation. Their high levels of resistant starch works in a similar way to fibre, in that it resists digestion and helps move waste along the intestines.

Bananas can be added into yoghurt or cereal, baked in bread or puddings, are delicious with ice cream or custard and can be used as a sandwich filling.

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