Wheat-Free Onion Soup

A true winter warmer! The cooking process develops a lovely sweetness to the onions that makes this soup very more-ish.

Suitable for maintenance and levels 1 and 2 

Health Bite:

Most people don’t know but onions are one of the best sources of calcium other than dairy. They also have properties that are antiviral, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. Not everyone digests raw onions well and are often best eaten cooked.

Onion Soup Recipe  

4 medium onions finely sliced

4 cloves of garlic minced

1 1/2 pints of hot wheat-free stock (preferably beef)

1 tbsp unrefined sugar or honey

unrefined sea salt and ground black pepper to season

2 tbsp grated parmesan

few thyme sprigs

2 tbsp butter


In a medium sized soup pan, gently heat butter, after it stops sizzling add the onions and soften on a low heat for 10 mins add garlic then leave to cook on a very low heat for a further 30 minutes. Stirring occasionally.

Add the thyme sprigs cook for 3 minutes

Add the stock and sugar, bring back to boil, cover, then simmer for 45 minutes. Stirring occasionally.

Dish up, sprinkle over parmesan cheese and serve.


Please Note: The Picture used in this post was not taken by me but is the closest I could get to the finished version of the recipe.