Body Beautiful: 10 Incredible Uses of Raw Organic Coconut Oil

1. Hair:Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Used as an intensive hair conditioning treatment, coconut oil (CO) will strengthen and smooth the cuticle and help restore shine to dulling, dry hair.

2. Scalp:

When it comes to beauty routines, our scalps are often overlooked, yet a dry itchy scalp can be incredibly irritating and if left, can lead to scalp sores and dandruff.  Applying coconut oil to the scalp, on a weekly basis, will nourish the skin and, being antifungal, will help clear or prevent dandruff and other dry scalp conditions. Massaging the oil into the scalp will also have the added bonus of stimulating the hair follicles which will aid in growth and strength of hair.

 3. Body Scrub:

By blending fine grain sea salt with CO, you will get a superior cost-effective body scrub that can be used on both face and body. Skin exfoliation should play an essential part in everyone’s beauty routine, not only will it make the skin smoother, polished and therefore more youthful, but by removing the surface layer of dead skin, it allows moisture to penetrate deeper, which will keep the skin hydrated and lubricated for longer.

4. Moisturiser:

Coconut oil can be used as a cheap yet incredibly effective face and body moisturiser. Using it as a night cream is especially beneficial, which will aid in skin rejuvenation whilst you sleep.

5. Cuticle Oil:

For strong healthy nails, pay more attention to your cuticles. Just like the hair on our heads, nails will benefit from extra stimulation. By massaging a small amount of CO into the cuticle it will soften the, often thick, dry, skin surrounding the nail and increase blood supply to the follicle, resulting in stronger, healthier nails.

6. Bath Oil:

Forget expensive bath oils, nothing beats a tablespoon of CO added to a hot bath (further enhanced by adding a couple of drops of the essential oil lavender), which not only makes bath time even more relaxing, it will also give you lovely soft, glowing skin.

7. Heel Repair:

Cracked heels are not a fetching look to have when wearing strappy shoes or flip-flops. Massaging CO into your heels after a shower or bath will have an instant effect and smooth out those powdery cracks.

8. Eye Care:

Smiling brightens up anyone’s face, but it also contributes to the eye-smile-lines commonly known as crow’s feet. Gently massaging a small amount of CO under and around the eye area morning and night will help lessen the appearance of these fine lines. Your eye area is the most delicate part of your face, by using your ring finger to apply the oil,  will use the least amount of pressure and always work from inner to outer eye to aid circulation. (Note: Coconut oil is not recommended to be used before applying eye make-up, as it will make it run and smudge).

9. Hand Care:

Using harsh chemicals, detergents and soaps prematurely age and dry the hands. After washing or using detergents apply a small amount of CO and massage into the hands to replenish lost oils and keep the hands beautifully soft and supple.

10. Emergency skin repair:

Being antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal, CO is perfect for the prevention and treatment of all kinds of skin problems: from spots and blemishes to cold sores. Cold sores can be incredibly painful and take days or weeks to fully heal. By applying CO at the first tingle of a cold sore it will prevent it from appearing or significantly reduce the pain and duration time of its stay.

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