Top Tips for Fabulous Holiday Hair

bob hairstyleAlthough they have many redeeming qualities, holidays can play havoc with the condition of our hair, so much so it can take months to undo the damage. Here are 5 essential tips to prevent ‘holiday-hair’ and keep your tresses in tip-top condition:

Cover Up: if you have chemically treated (permed, highlighted, tinted or bleached) hair, the sun can wreak havoc on your locks. Not only can it strip the colour out, it can dehydrate the shaft leading to dry, brittle hair. Wearing a hat or cap will protect it from the sun. If wearing hats aren’t well tolerated, using a heavy conditioner or oil (such as coconut or olive oil) on the hair, whilst in the sun, will act as a protective sealant and a barrier. Not only will this serve in keeping the sun’s damage to a minimum, it will also act as a deep conditioning treatment.

Use De-chlorinating Shampoo: Being a strong chemical, chlorine wrecks the condition of the hair. When in a hot climate, it is near impossible to keep chlorine off the hair, no matter how careful one is. Going in and out of the pool numerous times a day adds up to a lot of damage. Chlorine sticks to the hair like glue and does not tend to come out easily with regular shampoos, this is why using one specifically for swimmers is essential. However, de-chlorinating shampoos offer little in the way of moisture which takes us onto the next tip:

Use a Quality, Intensive Protein Conditioner: Sun, sea and swimming pools tend to take the shine off hair, for this reason it is advisable to invest in a professional conditioner recommended by your hairdresser. Humidity can make the cuticle raise, making the hair look frizzy and the hair more porous. By using a conditioner containing keratin (hair protein) it will help seal the cuticle and protect the hair. It is especially beneficial to use after de-chlorinating shampoo.

Keep Sachets of Ketchup Handy: And no, this is not for your fries. We’ve all heard of the horror stories of people’s hair turning green on holiday. This is caused from too much chlorine in pools, or even lead in the piping, which can react with the hair, especially blondes. On the colour scale, red neutralises green and this is where the tomato ketchup comes in. Use the ketchup on dry hair, leave for twenty minutes then shampoo out.  Repeat if necessary.

Brew Up: If the sun has stripped the colour out of your hair whilst on holiday, it is time to make some tea. You may have noticed the way tea leaves stains on your teacup, for this reason it can be used as a gentle toner for the hair, restoring some of the colour stripped out. For dark hair, black tea can be used, the darker the hair, the stronger the brew. For blonde hair, chamomile tea should be used. Simply pour boiling water onto a tea bag, stew, allow to cool then pour over shampooed (but not conditioned) hair and leave for 10 to 20 minutes, put conditioner on, then rinse out.

©Diane Brown