Why Wheat Makes Us Fat and Unhealthy

Countless illnesses and ailments can be traced back to eating wheat. Two of the most common being weight-gain and fatigue.  Most people are harmfully affected by wheat without realising it Check your symptoms.
Wheat is not what it used to be. It was genetically altered back in the 60s and the hybridized version began being produced from the 70s onwards. By the mid-80s most of the Western world (us) was eating the stuff. You only need to note how long a loaf of bread now lasts, without going moldy, to see something’s not right…
The changes made to the protein structure of wheat, meant changes to the way the human body reacts to it. In brief and in relation to weight-gain; the protein, gliadin, in wheat has an opiate-like effect on the brain and has been scientifically proven to make you overeat!
Without you being aware, up to 30% of your diet can consist of foods containing wheat (see list here). If you eat processed, shop or store prepared food, that figure could stand at 70%!
Just think about it, having toast for breakfast, sandwich for lunch and pasta for evening meal adds up to a lot of wheat and that’s without snacks.
Because of the weight-inducing changes made to wheat, it enabled an industry to cash in on it…’The Diet Industry’
Like anyone who has had to starve themselves to get or stay slim will know, dieting is incredibly painful and depressing! Feeling constantly hungry and having no energy to enjoy life, is no way to live.
Contrary to what most people think, the majority of overweight people are not gluttonous or greedy and do not overeat! They probably just include ‘modern’ wheat in their diet, whilst following a low-fat eating plan, unaware that this is just a recipe for bad health, weight-gain and obesity!
The Reason You Gain Weight Is Not What You Think…
Do Not Believe What The ‘Diet Industry’ Has Told You About The Best Ways To Lose Weight… Dieting simply puts you on a fast-track-path to bad-health, low-moods and weight-gain!
The current dietary advice offered by the ‘diet industry’ is designed to make your waistline and their bank balances grow, exponentially! Let’s face it, if diets worked there would be no profitable industry to be had, instead of the multi-million-pound monster it is today.
It is time to break free from the ‘dieting mentality’ that has done nothing but contribute to the obesity and diabetes epidemic which has skyrocketed since the mid-eighties (the time we all started eating the genetically manipulated ‘modern wheat’), and reeducate ourselves as to what constitutes as a healthy way to live and eat!
Losing weight is not about how much we eat, but what we eat and how we eat it.
When it comes to weight-loss one size does not fit all. A healthy diet that works for one, will not always work for another! But one thing is for sure… modern wheat is toxic to everybody!
Just because someone is naturally slim does not make them healthy… Slim people get sick too. Wheat is unhealthy for everyone and its elimination will improve all areas of your life. You only lose weight if you are overweight.
Just because you eliminate wheat from your diet does not mean you will be stuck for something to eat…
Did You Know
You can eat this and lose weight?
Super Bread 2 Slice
                                  And this?
chickpea double choc muffins
And all of these…
Did you also know, all of these delicious foods have been baked without so much as a sniff of wheat?
Yes, you can eat delicious baked food without having wheat… lose weight without being hungry, look great and feel amazing!
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