Breaking the Wheat Addiction

The most common reason to fail when giving up wheat is by including small amounts of it in the diet. When going wheat-free many people think they’ll be ok with just a little of it in their diet and cut their intake by 75%.  Although such a reduction may show great improvement in health and symptoms such as bloating and intestinal discomfort, for most it will not kill the wheat addiction.

You only need to include small amounts of wheat in your diet to keep the addiction alive. This inclusion will also likely lead to a gradual increase of those favoured comfort foods such as bread, pasta and pizza, you struggled to give up, and before you know it, you are back to consuming them at most meals. This will undoubtedly see the return of any weight lost and others symptoms wheat caused.

It is only in total elimination that you recognise the addiction you had and puts you back in control of choosing the food you eat (which will not include wheat). After only a couple of weeks of not eating wheat you lose the taste for it. However, leave even small amounts of it in the diet and you will constantly feel you are fighting the urge.

There is no excuse not to not eat wheat these days. Food manufacturers label wheat on the ingredients and many restaurants serve gluten-free dishes, so shopping or eating out does not have to be a problem. All it involves is a little more preparation.

The only ones who will find wheat elimination a challenge is vegetarians, as most meat-replacement, protein dishes contain wheat. It is for this reason many vegetarians, who have seen and felt the benefits from being wheat-free, begin to include fish and chicken in their diet to give them more options and thus food freedom, especially when dining out.

Those I have known to fail when trying to go wheat-free, even though they saw great results in removing it, are the ones who did not eliminate wheat completely, or thought, just a little won’t hurt. Make no mistake, wheat will always be addictive and there is no good way to eat it. If you are one who has lost weight from being wheat-free, go back to eating it and that weight will come back, guaranteed! If you saw amazing health benefits from wheat elimination and you go back to eating it, those health problems will return (plus more), guaranteed! When it comes to wheat…just say no!

Plan Ahead and Be Prepared

  • When dining out, be sure to phone ahead to see if they serve wheat or gluten-free options. If eating in an Italian, that doesn’t serve gluten-free, check it’s ok to take along your own pasta or pizza base for them to use.
  • When eating at friends, find out what they’re cooking and offer to take a wheat-free option.
  • Take wheat-free snacks with you wherever you go, just in case.
  • When making the evening meal, cook extra for your lunch the following day.
  • Cook in batches and freeze for convenience.
  • Always read labels, never assume wheat won’t be there. Once you start reading labels you will be amazed where wheat is hidden.

©Diane Brown