6 Essential Tips For Fabulous Hair After 40

Ageing takes its toll on all parts of our body, no less on our hair. After the age of 35, we may notice our tresses lose their lustrous sheen and appear duller and more frizzy than they used to in our youth. The condition of our hair tends to continue to decline as we age, but that does not mean we cannot do something to keep our hair in tiptop condition. Check out the following list for keeping fabulous hair after 40.

1. Avoid Tight Ponytails: If you have a lot of breakage around your hairline, this could be caused by tension placed on the hair-shaft. Hair weakens with age and can break easily, especially when tied back in tight ponytails. Plait your hair to keep it off your face during exercise. Plaiting places less tension on the hair and has less chance of breaking.

2. Condition The Cuticles: The cuticles on our hair are like slates on a roof. When the hair is in good condition, the cuticles lay flat on top of each other. This allows the light to reflect and can be seen as glossy locks. In hair that is out of condition or ageing, the cuticle can fray, giving the hair a fluffy or frizzy appearance, which makes it harder to achieve a sleek look. To strengthen and smooth the cuticle, use a conditioning treatment on the hair at least once a week. One of the best treatments to use on the hair and scalp is raw coconut oil. Heat a tablespoon of coconut oil and apply it to dry hair then massage through, from scalp to tips. It can be left on the hair for 20 minutes to overnight. To wash out, water down some shampoo and pour it over hair and scalp. Oil and water do not mix well, so in applying the shampoo to dry hair it will remove the oil.

3. Use The Directional-Nozzle: Most good hairdryers will come with a directional-nozzle attachment. This attachment compresses the airstream from the dryer and stops the cuticle from being blown in the wrong direction. To avoid the bitty look, where there are lots of new hair or breakage sticking up on the top of the head, dry the top of the hair first. Always make sure you blow the hair in the desired direction. If more body is needed once the hair is dry, put head upside down, heat up the roots then use the cool shot to cool it down.

4. Avoid Chlorine: Swimming is a brilliant form of weightless exercise. Unfortunately the chlorine pumped into most swimming pools is incredibly damaging to the hair, especially if the hair is coloured. Wear a swimming cap or apply coconut oil to the hair, prior to swimming, which will act as a barrier from the chlorine.

5. Use a Heat Protector: Heat from all hair styling appliances severely weakens the hair, leading to breakage and poor condition. Prior to styling, apply a good heat protector, from roots to tips. This will help prevent heat damage.

6. Have Hair Trimmed Regularly: Split or dry ends can make the whole hair look dull, drab and lifeless. To avoid this, keep the hair regularly trimmed. To save on costs, ask your hairdresser to dry trim your hair, which will normally be half the cost of a cut and blow.

©Diane Brown