Health Benefits of Cucumber

Beneficial to:

  • Skin, hair and eyes

Vitamins: A, C and K

Minerals: iodine, chlorophyll, silica, magnesium and potassium

Cucumbers, a common garden vegetable, belong to the family that includes melon and are originally  native to southern Asia.

Other than being beneficial for the skin, cucumber is not renowned for having a great deal of health benefits.  However, there is some evidence to suggest cucumber can help build and maintain healthy connective tissue. This is because of the high content of silica, which is an essential component of ligaments, cartilage, bone and muscle, which makes them great for athletes and anyone who is sport/exercise inclined.

Because of its high water content, cucumber is excellent for keeping the skin elastic, plumped up and looking youthful. Anyone with skin problems will benefit from having cucumber in their diets. It is also a good astringent for anyone suffering with oily skin and can be used directly on the skin.

Cucumber contains an enzyme that splits protein, aiding in its digestion and absorption.

Its magnesium content makes cucumber good for digestive health and is a great anti-inflammatory. Its juice is beneficial to internal inflammations such as sore throats, stomach or kidney inflammations.

As a cheap beauty treatment, slices of cucumber are a perfect remedy for tired or sore eyes. Or why not try grating cucumber and mixing it with almond meal and honey for a soothing, skin brightening, face pack.

©Diane Brown