Health Benefits of Apples

Apples are both cleansing and nutritious, feeding every cell of the body.  They contain a number of health-giving compounds that have a positive benefit on wellbeing and health throughout life. They are a best friend to the slimmer, sending an ‘I’m full’ message to the brain courtesy of the glucagon-lile peptide (GLP-1) which prevents overeating. Even the smell of apples is beneficial to our health, the aroma can be calming and lower blood pressure.

 Essential vitamins contained in apples: Vitamins A, B1 and C.

 Essential minerals contained in apples: Potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium and the bioflavonoid quercetin.

The average apple contains 5 grams of fibre and is rich in pectin. Pectin forms a gel in the digestive tract and acts like an intestinal broom, helping remove toxic metals from the body.

Apples are a tonic for heart and circulation and their cleansing qualities helps keep skin clear and vibrant. They contain malic and tartaric acids which inhibit gastric fermentation, reducing bloating, and bacteria build-up.

The sugar within apples is mainly fructose, which is broken down slowly reducing chance of blood sugars rising. The older varieties, such as Cox or Granny Smith contain less fructose and thus have a lower GI.

 A study done by Cornel University showed that taking apple extracts can reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Apple peel contains ursolic acid and pectin which helps maintain muscle bulk and in turn prevents weight gain, which is especially beneficial to the elderly and post-menopausal women.

Red skinned apples contain anthocyanins, pigments that help brain function and prevent memory loss.

©Diane Brown